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Birthday: 12/02/08

They are all named after mythologic gods and goddesses.
Here are their names:

Dea Zazzera Meraviglia
D Z  Millefiore

D Z  Bello
D Z  Massimo
D Z  Forte
D Z  Lucido


Bitch 1: Meraviglia-Medea
Warm red fawn coloured. The largest of the girls.


One week

2 weeks with "new eyes".

15 days old

3 weeks and 2 days

3 weeks and 5 days.

5 weeks, with a close eyecontact to mom!


Bitch 2: Millefiore-Melissa
darker than "miracle-bitch" and deep red fawn coloured.

one week


2 weeks 

15 days and already asleep before the snapshop...Sweetie!

3 ½ week

trying mom´s toe

3 weeks and 5 days.

5 weeks with strong mind and lots of willpower, but the sweetest girl ever!

Male 1: Massimo-Minos
Dark fawn coloured. The boys largest.

one week


11 days.                                                15 days and very sleepy..............   

3 weeks and 2 days

3 ½ week

3 weeks and 5 days.

5 weeks with beautiful eyes.

Male 2: Bello-Balder
Medium size with warm, red fawn colour.

one week


Two weeks old.                                                                          Showing his beard, 15 days old.

3 ½ week

So, so sweet!!

3 weeks and 5 days

5 weeks and a bit sleepy.

Male 3: forte-Freij
Dark fawn coloured. With a small white spot on his chest and chin.

                      3 days old.                                       The first one to rise on high legs. 

   12 days.

15 days and so tired- but cute!

        3 weeks and 2 days 

3 weeks and 5 days.

5 weeks sweet!

Male 4: Lucido-Loke
Dark fawncoloured.

one week


13 days, last one to open the eyes.

15 days old.

3  ½ week

3 weeks and 5 days.

5 weeks and a funny little guy. Always carrying around something.