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Dea Zazzera Millefiore-Melissa, "ISSY"
has finally reach The United Kingdom!!!

Here is a picture when she rests after meeting her new "brother" Jake.
Good Luck whith your new life abroad, Issy!

And congrats to Denise and Judy for finally getting your little girl at home!

HUND 2008

SKK, Älvsjö
Judge: Roland Fors

The results for the Dea Zazzera-juniors were:

Bello-Balder, 1:1 price of honor
Forte-Freij, 1:2 price of honor
Massimo-Minos, 2

Meraviglia-Medea, 1:1

"Valter" and Medea bacame todays juniorwinner in their classes!

Congrats everyone to the nice results!!!


Lillooet´s Lady in Red, "Stella"

Congrats Veronica!

Li-brie´s Hurricane, "Buddah"

Congrats Marie!

                             Shaggy .                                                                  Kenneth and Shaggy in full action.

                     Minos.                                                                            Caroline and Minos.

                           Classbwinning Valter                                     Judge Roland Fors, Valter & Jeanette.

                    Class winning Medea and I.                                                       Medea and Pippi in the ring.

                   Shaggy rests.

Valter                                                                               Medea 

dogshow SKK, Köping
Judge: Margareta Skogsberg

Valter got the 1st price, with price of honor. This placed him as number two this day. 


Congrats Jeanette!

Military education/practice, Strängnäs

Amber and I participated in an educational weekend for military servicedogs.
We were educated at tracking in suburban environment for instance. 


Obedience class II, Oxelösunds BK

The father of our puppies: LP 1, Don Fido´s C´Ashew Nut, "Melwin" 
enters in obedience class 2 with Caroline.

With 175,5 points they conquers the first price!!

CONGRATULATIONS CAROLINE!! You two are soo capable!
The LP 2 title is approaching......


the very same day:
Officiell dogshow, SKK Lindesberg
Judge: Maritha Östlund-Holmsten

The son, Valter competes again. Today with the result:
1:2  with price of honor.
Once again - CONGRATS Jeanette!


officiell dogshow, SBK Skara
Judge: Hans Almgren

DZ Bello-Balder, Valter again. With very nice criticism.
1:2 price of honor

Congratulations Jeanette!


Today is the sadest day ever...............

Our beautiful queen, Onyx has left us.
She passed away 10 years and a half day old.

"We are greatful to have had you here with us. It´s been wonderful years!
We hope to meet you soon again!"


inofficiell  dogshow, SBK Arboga
Judge: Jens Myrman

Dea Zazzera Bello-Balder, "Valter" did it!!  He pinched the BOB.

1:1 price of honor BOB



officiell dogshow, SKK Nyköping
Judge: Eerola Tapio

4 of our puppies participated today.

Minos 1:1 price of honor, BOS
Valter 1:2  price of honor
Loke 1:4

Medea 1:2

Congratulations Caroline & Pelle to Minos BOS!!

Congrats to all of us! We had a nice day - this time with no rain!


5 of our 6 puppies participated in an inofficiell dogshow in Norrtälje.
Judge: Per-Erik Wallin
They all got first price with Hp and very good recommendations.

Massimo-Minos 1:1 Hp, BOS
Bello-Balder 1:2 Hp
Forte-Freij 1:3 Hp

Meraviglia-Medea 1:1 Hp, BOB
Millefiore-Melissa 1:2 Hp

A very nice career-start for the puppies!

Look at pictures from the day in


The puppies were born!
4 male and 2 bitches, all fawn coloured.
Look in the puppieblog (=valpblogg) at the Swedish page for pictures.
Only with swedish text. Sorry!
I have limited time right now... more updates further on!



It´s getting closer! The puppies are here in a couple of weeks :o)
All arrengements for them are done. The puppie-room is ready for the little puppies to arrive. And Amber enjoyes the room!
She is very hungry and tired and sleeps most of the day.



Amber is expecting! We went to the vet for an ultrasound today.
There were plenty of puppies! The puppies are going to be born around
the 10-17th of february if everything runs OK with her pregnancy.

There is about 4-5 weeks left before due.
Amber is very happy, enormously interrested in food and a bit sleepy.
Her waist has disappeared and the nipples are darker in colour.
I could feel the puppies when I was palpating her lower stomach.
What a joyful feeling!!!

Newborn Amber

Amber 7 weeks

Amber last summer