Simon Waax, born in 1992, is the guy behind
the briard drawings on these pages.

   When he is at home You´ll find him with
pen and pencil at hand most of the time.

It´s with the greatest dedication he draws briards, 
who is an important part of our daily life.

Here are some of the magnificent briard drawings
that he has created.


 Simon has made the kennel logo!! 
A "divine longhaired" briard
              The result: Onyx with some of here puppies.

This is how it looked when Simon started to
  draw the picture of Onyx and her imaginary
                        A real "Hippie Royale Briard"
                        Whatuas Big Love, "Love"

Shebrie´s XI Lönneberga-Ida


  "Rudolf "

Christmas Rudolf: