Amber is contracted with the Swedish military. She is specially trained for
managing search operations, MSO.


She has also a commision in Nacka Värmdö Rescue Squad,


The best thing she knows is when I put on my soldier clothes and filles the backpack
for a copple of days.

Then she knows:

-She is going to WORK!!! What can be more thrilling...???



                                                 photo: Matte Johansson

           Amber noticing somethting in the wind 


    It takes a lot of power to work....

It´s important to know how to pull,
in case of emergency.

Amber has found the object.
Practice in spring 2007 with NVRS.



                                         photo: Matte Johansson     
Certificationtest for military work,
   28th of November, 2004


 Happy Amber finds the hidden person, 
             Hyltingeö August, 2006

     Amber is testing my hat

    Amber watches when the object is rescued.



     photo: Helen Falk

        Catastrofe practice, May 2006. 

Amber shows her fearlessness. She was the only dog to
go all the way up, very high, at Nynäs Refinery!

The stairs moved for each step we tok...